Dawn Reeves Design



I believe a home should be inviting, beautiful, and functional; it should also have an added element of drama and surprise. I love spaces that begin with a neutral, yet high-contrast palette: think grey or greige, black, and white. This doesn't mean boring or blah. I simply believe that starting with a neutral foundation sets the stage for beautiful moments that showcase the light fixture you couldn't take your eyes off of or a piece of art that you couldn't walk away from - even when you had no idea where you'd put it.

Maybe you have a vision for your home but you're not sure where to start. Or maybe you don't have a specific vision but you know it should feel and function better for your family. I can help you. I start a project by getting to know my client, how they use a room, and what sort of space they want to settle into after a long day. Once I gain that understanding - along with deciding on the room's features to highlight and flaws to minimize - I can bring you recommendations, solutions, and product specifications with confidence.

I love design.  I spend many of my waking moments dreaming up ways to improve a space both visually and functionally. This love started with my own home and took on a life of its own when friends asked me to help them with their spaces. These projects quickly led to referrals when others saw the spaces that I designed and decorated. Then, in 2012, I began Dawn Reeves Design, Inc. Since then, I've worked with clients all over the Chicago area, helping them shape their homes into beautiful retreats they can share with their families and friends.

I didn't always know about my love of design.  There are some people who are lucky enough to know what they want in life from a young age. Unfortunately, I wasn't one of those people! Don't get me wrong, I've always had a creative sense; I spent many youthful hours drawing, dancing, reading, and writing. My analytical side was just as strong, though, which is how I ended up with a BS in Finance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. If I had known then that Interior Design is just as much a business and analytical endeavor as it is a creative one, I would have stuck with my original declared major of Architecture. How ironic.

I don't regret my choice, though. All our decisions and experiences lead us to where we are today.  My time spent in financial consulting and commercial lending honed many transferable skills: strong relationship-building with both clients and trades, analytical abilities to plan for possible problems and quickly find solutions, strong budgeting and planning skills, and clear and concise communication skills.